Inquiries concerning this site are accepted according to the following notes.
※Please check the following notes before inquiries

Notes on inquiries

  • This inquiry will be inquired to this site (LaBOLA). We do not accept inquiries addressed to stores, facilities etc posted on this site. Moreover, even if we receive inquiries addressed to stores / facilities, we can not answer.
  • Although we are trying to post accurate information on this site, there are things that have been posted containing mistakes or deprecated. In addition, some information are added and edited by members. We do not guarantee that the information are correct on this site.
  • If you found incorrect information, please correct it from the editing function, or please report here.
  • Although we make a best effor to reply to inquiries, we can not respond to all inquiries, so some of your inquires will not get reply. Also, since the answer mail may be processed as spam mail, please take a moment to check the junk mail folder as well.
  • Please understand the above notes, when inquiries. LaBOLA official accountchat
    We also accept inquiries by e-mail, but depending on your e-mail address, there are cases that the reply from LaBOLA could not reach you.
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